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Leura Guidebook

Leura Guidebook

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Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

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Go Travel Leura: Camera Bugs: Get Out Your Gear!

The Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Trail Open Day returns on Saturday 2 April and for all you camera bugs -- Pro(s) or Joe(s), out there This is an opportunity to show off your creative flair. and win a prize or two! For all the details, visit Get out on the Heritage Trail


And while your camera or mobile is handy, you'll find some dramatic and stunning vista along the way. THIS IS the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park!



Many of the historic houses and gardens are hosting related exhibitions with Hawkesbury Regional Gallery (Windsor) kicking off 'Interesting Objects'  (items collected by the Hawkesbury Historical Society over 60 years). Blue Mountains Botanic Garden will showcase work by Melanie Duncan, Everglades House & Garden will open ' Fashioned by Nature' -- the art of Peter Wale and Norman Lindsay Gallery will celebrate Norman Lindsay's art. As a draw to interested artists, Lithgow will showcase over four decades of Lithgow art -- the Portland Art Exhibition Retrospective.


Don't forget the Trail encompasses a wide swath of our region: from Emu Plains to Lithgow along the Great Western Highway and then from Lithgow to Windsor down Bells Line of Road. A great day trip!


For further information, visit The Greater Blue Mountains Heritage Drive



Go Travel Leura: Who Said Print Is Dead?





Back in February 2015, the Huffington Post wrote that hard copy print books were running neck and neck in the 'books race' with ebooks (most often referred to as Kindle books) Huffington then followed with an article why ebooks were better than hard copy.In the spirit of fairness, Huffington then wrote a list of 10 reasons print books were better and they began with our argument: print books have pages that are soft and nice to touch. It's that tactile pleasure -- how it feels in your hand and it is physically pleasurable! The author went on to argue that reading an ebook is much like going to an ATM!


Because we love the physical pleasure of holding a book, we hang out at MEGALONG BOOKS at 183 The Mall in Leura. But read on, here are more reasons. 


We are drawn to Megalong Books for several reasons: walls and walls of books line shelves from floor to ceiling, along with DVDs of favourite flicks and great classical music CDs. The shop is a Leura 'institution,' a long-time mainstay on The Mall and a book version of comfort food for bibliophiles - calm, reassuring and so many titles.

Staff are knowledgeable readers, capable in making suggestions for fact or fiction. Service is personal and prompt and if you adore books, well, having 15,000 titles in stock is an impressive reason to hang around and browse.

Tucked away on the quirky shelves are some must-reads: fiction and non-fiction, geography and history. Travel and specialty books about the Blue Mountains are in large supply, if you're seeking a memento of your visit. Don't overlook Megalong's outstanding titles on walks and trails around Leura and elsewhere in the mountains.

Grandparents: the selection of children's books (in the back room) is quite extraordinary. You'll find the perfect book for that little one expecting a gift back home. This is one remarkable bookstore! 

So, let's return to the Huffington's list of  why print books are better:

"Print books are theft-resistant. If you leave a book in your car, you can be pretty sure it will be there when you return. That is probably not true of your iPad, Kindle or other e-book reader. And a bonus: if you drop a print book in the bathtub, you can dry it out with a hairdryer."