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Leura Guidebook

Leura Guidebook

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Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

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     Everglades House & Gardens


It is a mixed bag when someone leaves your life and moves on to their next opportunity as iin the case of Scott Pollock, Manager of Everglades House & Gardens. (National Trust Property)

Scott has spent his years at Everglades developing major programs in addition to overseeing the maintenance and development of the gardens for the Houses Trust. A few years back a new welcoming centre was built with Scott’s guidance – it also houses a perfect little gift shop and is easily accessible for visitors.


In 2010, Scott partnered with the Sydney theatre company, Sport for Jove to begin a Shakespeare Festival in Leura. The location is beautiful and just perfect for outdoor theatre and performances have been a smashing success. Theatre lovers bring picnic suppers, wine, blankets and chairs for three weekends in January . . . a great time for friends to gather.

Last week, Scott opened his first solo art exhibition in Katoomba at the Palette Restaurant.  At this event – exhibition and dinner – we discovered not only how talented he is but also that he is cherished and loved by all.


Actor friends from his past, local artists, family friends and the lovely volunteers at Everglades were all in attendance and Scott shed a tear, perhaps two when thanking everyone for coming out in the cold. He was really moved by all the love and affection in the room and we were all saddened to think he will no longer be at Everglades.

While we feel loss and nostalgia to lose Scott – he is headed to Southern Highlands to manage a new National Trust property and we do wish him well in this exciting opportunity.


Finally, if you haven’t dined at this charming restaurant in Katoomba, you must soon. Eclectic and very Sydney-style setting, Palette has a studio-bar upstairs for exhibitions and full dining on the lower level. The menu is great – we dined on salmon and bok choy – all very fresh with very clean flavours and perfect presentation.  Palette is the appropriate name: eh season we will display the works of a feature

The staff went beyond the call of duty – as we were short timed in order to catch a late train, they paid close attention – even packing the most unusual delicious pumpkin dessert for us to devour on the train. We are not a food critic, but we are a foodie and we plan to return often!

  The Hydro in snow!


It is that time of year -- air is frigid, nights are frosty and fingers are crossed for snow. If mother nature cooperates and snow covers the Blue Mountains, you will pull out your woolies, your gloves and hats and head up our way!

The most joyous way to have fun is to spend the night  --  a lovely wake-up to a snow covered village. If you need advice call on the terrific staffs at the Blue Mountains Visitor Information Centres.



Blue Mountains Visitor Information Centres • Glenbrook (Gateway to the Mountains) Great Western Highway. The Glenbrook VIC is nestled in a grove of eucaplypt to the left of the Highway.




Echo Point Visitor Centre sits on the edge of the Three Sisters Lookout at Katoomba



Phone: 1300 653 408

More than 700,000 visitors passed through the doors of these centres in the past year.

We can’t fathom smiling at that many guests, but these gals and guys who staff the centres do just that and then some. Providing help to tailor a Blue Mountain experience is a big job: finding accommodation, providing complete and safe information about trekking trails, mapping out the most direct way from point a to point b.





We’ve observed the staff in action at each of these centres and they are fantastic. A major plus at the centres is the wide range of locally made products in the gift section. Indigenous products, beautiful colours – and locally produced Mtns Made branded products – there is always variety and practicality.


The weather is a constant in the Blue Mountains and ‘constantly’ changes hour by hour. A stop at the VICs can make a difference – a big one – in your experience whether for a few hours or a week or more. Armed for most any occasion or unexpected occurrence, you are ready for magnificent scenery, slowfood dining and friendly people.




Cold weather is upon us and more severe and earlier than in 128 years (so the weather people tell us), so prepare. Blackheath got a dusting of snow thie morning  and Leura a short bout of sleet (6/6) Boots, cold weather gear packed and you should are ready for the Blue Mountains.

 Twins in the snow!