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It was 'A Day'. -- a Harvest Day.. . not in '63 with Franki Valli, but in 2018 with Leura Village Association beating it out -- the best ever Festival!


The Mall was chockablock -- people up and down. Gorgeous produce; brisk business.  Great food! Musicians belting out and pickin' a blue grass tune. This Market is one of the best -- high end vendors, quality products.


A cheerful Town Crier kept everyone in line -- his bell, nonstop. The crowd, happy and the weather? Absolutely stunning. Who could ask for more?



So don't miss the Leura Festival in 2019:


Cakes, Chooks & Scarecrows -- all fun on Leura Mall.







Coming up on the 6th -- the Big Autumn Weekend in Leura -- great food, great fun and Great Harvest Festival. 

Autumn leaves are on display and as the temps cooled down Sunday night, the reds and golds should be even more brilliant! Leura was hopping Friday  -- school kids in abundance and buskers at so many shops.  A talentedl violinist at The Haus stopped people in their tracks. And farther up the street, a country & western singer/guitarist belted out some Nashville favourites. It felt like a holiday and a music festival rolled into one! 





Yes, we are aware this blog was published in March and now we are into May. We know you will want to plug the following date into your schedule -- Sunday, May 6th -- the Leura Harvest Festival. It's the day for those who love Chooks, Chocolates and Competitions along with colourful trees. Each autumn, The Mall is filled with food vendors, fresh veggies, plants and beverages (local cider and wine). Chefs from the upmarket hotels prepare samples of their unusual cuisine and we are eager to try.




Cooler weather has arrived and the Leura Village Association sponsors the Harvest Festival to celebrate your return to the mountains.  A Chocolate competition and the 'most beautiful Chook' competition keep the crowd engaged. You will be amazed by these charming chooks -- stunning. 




The Scarecrow display is held in the charming garden of Birches of Leura (Gardens & Gifts Nursery) off the big Leura carpark. All are made of scrap materials or in the current language, of recycled materials. The scarecrow competition winner is announced on Sunday 6 May




Weather permitting, the Harvest Festival brings back to Leura all the wonderful traditions we think of nostalgically.