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Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

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Wayzgoose Cafe and those delectible flowerpot scones

Address: 174 The Mall, Leura Phone: 02 4784 1973
Hours: Open daily 9am–5pm
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Wayzgoose, a café with outdoor seating, occupies an historic building where in 1910, publisher Peter Giles Hart established the Federal Printing Works. This heritage building has an unusual shape – perfect for booths and tables of customers today yet we can imagine the long room filled with presses of the past.



Behind what could have been the printer’s customer counter in 1910, homemade brownies, cupcakes, tarts and flowerless orange and almond cakes beckon. Along with the famous ‘Flower-Pot Scone’, most offerings are made in-house. The espresso machine is constantly in motion as locals stop by in the early morning for a sweet and a shot of caffeine. ‘Huge Mountain Breakfast’ or waffles or Pesto Mushrooms are on the ‘all day’ menu.




Around the lunch rush – 11.30am to 2pm – soups and burgers are a specialty along with other seasonal mainstays. Kids menus are always listed on the blackboard and gluten-free options are available, just ask the staff. (Great café for families – small toys, books and colouring books are stored in a kids’ corner to keep little ones happy.)


Wayzgoose takes its name from an old printing celebration – an outing and dinner for printing staff before summer ends and the printing must be done by candlelight (in winter months). Wayzgoose continues in Leura’s historic tradition of local shopkeepers serving and ‘chatting up’ visitors.

Drop by for a scone and a chat. . . with the friendly staff!


      Wisemans Ferry


Making Lemonade out of Lemons?


This is the narrative of Ben Pearse, Blue Mountains photographer. But let’s start at the beginning instead of today (2018). Born in Port Macquarie, the family moved to the Blue Mountains when Ben was three – he remembers the move, the next move and the next move. The constant moves were not a case of ‘hiding from the sheriff’ or creditors. No, Ben’s dad was in real estate and could see all the opportunities as can many savvy relators. A purchase, a move, a reno and a sale, another move! Exciting life for a little one.


    Commercial Photo ... Ben Pearse Photography


By 15, Ben found his second love – rock climbing. Into his twenties and he was an expert – sponsorships came his way from big companies. Muscular, fit and handsome, companies had found a photogenic athlete for their marketing campaigns.


Another influence in his young life was an Australian Navy photographer – a favourite uncle who encouraged Ben to hang around with him on backpacking trips and family camping vacations. Even into the dark room, his encouraging uncle welcomed Ben, teaching him skills. Ben watched and listened. This was the seed for photography – a career much later in his life.


 'Three Sisters at the three Sisters' (Ben Pearse Photography)


As ‘life got in the way' of plans – Ben turned to retail management. Here he learned a different set of skills. Yes, there was less time for climbing, but the retail giant’s benefits were great – great training, varied financial and management skills. Senior management saw his potential, promoted him often and planned to move him to its Sydney headquarters.  The in 2010, some difficult-to-diagnose illness struck, leaving Ben bed-bound for more than six months. Loss of identity brings most of us to our knees – loss of career, loss of physical strength to an athlete, loss of income.   Realizing the seriousness of his predicament, he took this time to consider, ‘what’s next’?


Ben needed a job that he could ease into as he recovered and photography seemed an obvious choice.

       Portraits by Ben Pearse


Fully recovered, he launched his business in 2012. His corporate skills now came into play and the business flourished.  Ben is considered a highly skilled portrait and location photographer. You will find his photos on all our websites.  Oh, yes, an exhibition, his second since launching his business is planned for 2019.