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Leura Guidebook

Leura Guidebook

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Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

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Leura is renowned for its shops - you can spend an entire day browsing and buying.

We love the petite unique shops with unusual and elegant products. Many have multiple rooms - they have been converted from turn-of-the century uses to present day Leura. All are unique and unlike the typical 'retailers of sameness.' The shops we highlight here are at the core of why we all visit Leura. Check out the village map for locations.

Quidditas Creative Arts & Gallery

Address:88 Railway Parade
Phone: 02 4784 3625
Hours: Open Thu-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-3pm

Occasionally, we have to be reminded of the fashionable apparel, the stunning jewellery and the quirky homewares to be found in this beautiful Gallery. Consequently, we have marked our calendar to visit Quidditas on Railway Parade at least once a month. Items are unusual, unique and make for a more-than-perfect gift for someone special.

Unusual pillows, throws and tablecloths were a highlight on our most recent visit … textiles deeply coloured and not too heavy were perfect for the changing autumn weather. Exhibitions at the Textile Museum (adjoining the gallery shop) change throughout the year - a delightful addition to art in the Blue Mountains. Quidditas is just a few steps from The Mall and the lovely restored historic house in itself is worth those steps. We think you will be pleased to have discovered this Shop, Gallery and Museum wrapped into one. See Play section for more on Quidditas Creative Arts & Gallery.

QuidditasCreativeArtsGallery 4QuidditasCreativeArtsGallery 6QuidditasCreativeArtsGallery 10

Quidditas General Store

Address:199 Leura Mall
Phone: 02 4709 4000
Hours: Open 7 days, 10am to 5pm

The General Store opened in October 2016 and what a joy! Items curated from around the world are stocked - many are quirky, all are eclectic and colours dazzling - perfect items as a memento of your trip to Australia or to take back home to friends.

Textiles are always at the core of the Quidditas scene - hats, bags, socks, scarves and throws - in unusual and striking fabrics. Gorgeous Turkish handmade jewellery savours its moment in the limelight of a display case while competing with vibrant jewellery, flower and bug designs (Melody Nelson) and many other designers, Australian and international. All are chic and classy. These are items you won't find elsewhere.

Art paper from Budapest depicting wild animals, birds and flowers are made especially for both Quidditas stores. (Visit the Quidditas Museum and Gallery Shop up on Railway Parade.) Embroidered cushions and high-back chairs in a wild print - so trendy and a statement piece for a 'post-modern' dining table! The list goes on!

The General Store is a shop of ideas, a shop to tweak and unlock your options and a shop devoted to the unusual.

QuidditasGeneralStore RabbitQuidditasGeneralStore Jewelry

Megalong Books

Address:183 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 1302
Hours: Open 7 days, Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

As book lovers we are drawn to the wonderful independent bookstore, Megalong Books - walls and walls of books line shelves from floor to ceiling, along with DVDs of favourite flicks. The shop is a Leura 'institution,' a long-time mainstay on The Mall and a book version of comfort food for bibliophiles - calm, reassuring and with something for everyone.

Did you know?
As you leave Leura heading east (3rd exit) onto the Great Western Highway, only a single relic of the elegant Chateau Napier (burned in the 1957 bushfire) endures. Embedded in the highest Leura hillside and partially obscured, it appears to be wood, but is perhaps metal and is approximately three metres tall. Most never see it.

Staff are knowledgeable readers, capable in making suggestions for fact or fiction for yourself or as a gift. Service is personal and prompt and if you adore books, well, having 15,000 titles in stock is an reason to hang around and browse. We have observed recently that Megalong is frequently quite crowded! Visitors are browsing longer. In this unsettled world, are we longing for the familiar? Recent statistics from 2016 show that 'antiquated' print books are outselling e-books! Who would have thought such a thing possible?

Tucked away on the quirky shelves are some must-reads: fiction and non-fiction, geography, history. Travel and specialty photography books about the Blue Mountains are in plentiful supply if you're seeking a memento of your visit. Don't overlook Megalong's outstanding titles on walks and trails around Leura and elsewhere in the mountains.

Grandparents: the selection of children's books is quite extraordinary. You'll find the perfect book for that little one expecting a gift back home. This is one remarkable bookstore!

Teddy Sinclair

Address:177-179 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 3154
Hours: Open 7 days 9.30am-5.15pm, Sun 10am-5pm

Teddy Sinclair claims a high rung on the ladder of great shops - two shops under one umbrella, each with a separate shopfront and entrance and each with extraordinary items for women or men. This is unusual for Leura, but proprietors Lindy and Paul Du Moulin seem to manage this unique arrangement with ease and flair.

Teddy's 'man cave' shop is stocked with modish leather jackets and gorgeous wools or cashmeres for men. Two items you won't want to overlook are the gorgeous chocolate leather satchels and the very popular soft leather wallets.

The women's side of Teddy Sinclair is the equivalent of discovering the best of Christmas morning surprises. Smart and chic leather Amelia Earhart aviator-style jackets or hip double-breasted biker jackets that awaken our fantasy to 'hit the road.' Not-your-nanna's luggage in wonderful colours, soft and durable, prove a favourite. Scarves, many made exclusively made for Teddy's along with belts and bags of every style and colour adorn the walls throughout.

But it is the jewellery that keeps loyal fans returning to this wonderful shop. Check out Ayala Bar, Nailah (wood) and Teddy Sinclair's own brand of unusual earrings, rings and necklaces. To find the shop just follow the crowd.

Coloured BoxesTeddySinclair  WoodyTeddySinclair Jewelry

Ainsley Fine Jewellery

Address:175 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 2807
Hours: Open 7 days 10am-5pm

The staging and display of superior jewellery is a work of art in Ainsley Fine Jewellery on The Mall. Browsing is encouraged - these exquisite pieces require your full attention and full appreciation.

Rings - diamond, gold, pearl and gorgeous deep amber - capture our attention. Ainsley's customised rings are distinct, one-of-a-kind designs to fit your taste and your needs - a special gift for any occasions. A beautiful diamond is among her recent designs. You will also find exceptional necklaces of gemstones, amethyst, garnet, lemon quartz and a 'stop-in-your-tracks' pair of gold and silver spiral aquamarine drop earrings.

All wrapped into one, Ainsley Whelan is a jewellery designer, a gemologist and a diamond grader. With these credentials, we were surprised to find such a young talent at the design desk. Ainsley's attention to detail and to design is unusual and exciting for her years.


Neither words, nor our descriptions do justice to the beautifully designed pieces and the creative displays of the exquisite jewellery throughout the store - we recommend enthusiastically that you plan to visit Ainsley when next in Leura. The 'next-best-thing' is a visit to her website - a picture is worth a thousand words!

Leura Toy Store

Address:167 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 2094
Hours: Open 7 days, 10am to 5pm

Under a 'starry, starry sky' the petite toy shop is so filled with toys that visiting children are left speechless - for a moment only, then shrieks of excitement explode throughout.

The owner, who is 'Papa' to two lovely girls, stocks fun toys along with serious educational toys. Toys and puzzles that help develop motor skills of pre-schoolers are now in stock and always available are the loveable plush animals. Recent additions - charming Cinderella Ball gowns by Pink Poppy and tutu dresses by our own local Chloe's Boutique - take centre stage in the display window. These tiny gowns are perfect for a dress-up with playmates or a special birthday party.

Girls CostumeShop View

We've noticed 10-12 year olds often get bypassed by the toy industry, but the Toy Store stocks fascinating and colourful construction sets that will certainly challenge this age group. Don't overlook the puzzles - some difficult others less frustrating!

This is a wonderland, a labyrinth of trucks and china tea sets, dolls and prams and enormous toy cars. There are toys from floor to ceiling - some hanging from the stars above keep the imagination afloat! Childhood dreams come true in this Toy Shop - the Blue Mountains' only toy source!


Address:134a The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 3832
Hours: Open 7 days 10am to 5pm

Of the numerous shops along the Mall, Gifts-n-Things stays true to the Edwardian-look of Leura. The deep slate of the exterior and a peppermint green door are reminders of 1885 Leura. But inside: This is the 21st century's 'Little Shop of Delights.'

Did you know?
'The oldest surviving human art form in the world, Aboriginal rock art can include painting and drawings as well as engravings. Pictures on rocks were an important part of Aboriginal songs, stories and customs that connected people with the land.'

Strappy colourful sundresses in summer and trendy autumn sweaters once the weather turns chilly are part of the eclectic stock. From beautiful scarves and wraps to Threadz, Jendi, Brave+True and Orientique fashion, you'll find something special for every season. Check out the accessories - so many choices. Don't overlook the Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries and fragrances near the counter; Gifts 'n' Things is an appointed stockist.

Over the years, we've observed that owner Jo Davidson is always charming and treats every customer as a special guest, rare in today's hustle and bustle. Jo is a second generation proprietor - her father taught her the trade.

Gifts N ThingsGiftsGifts

From its front verandah through the multiple rooms (with open fire), this is the ultimate gift shop. You'll need browsing time, as each room has its surprises - remarkable gifts and homewares line the shelves of this turn-of-the-century building and will charm their way into your heart and home.

lucky finds

Birches of Leura

Address:2/156 Megalong Street
Phone: 02 4784 3146
Hours: Open 7 days 10am-5pm

Looking through the nursery gate, we get the distinct impression of a ready-made garden: herbs, cottage plants, seedlings and trees, among them two flowering Japanese Cherry. Handsome gurgling water features strategically spaced throughout provide a sense of tranquillity. A gift and cut-flower shop is stocked with beautiful items from the Royal Horticulture Society, Burgon & Ball and Fish River and many others. Delightful shopping! Birches of Leura is home to the Scarecrow Competition each autumn - creative, inventive and unconventional entries hang throughout the garden.

Flower PotStatue

Mrs Peel Modern Vintage

Address:Shop 7, 166 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 3065
Hours: Open 7 days 10am-5pm
FB f Logo blue 100

Vintage in this decade is the rage and carries so many meanings and such varied styles or looks. Mrs. Peel, much like a museum curator, offers us a modern vintage collection - fine wools for the cooler seasons and snazzy colourful dresses for spring and summer.

The Shirt Lady

Address:Shop 2 & 3, 166 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 1389
Hours: Open 7 days, 9.30am-5pm

Down the Aspects of Leura Arcade, shirts of every hue, sweaters, coats, jackets and scarves - fine knitwear for men and women fill this shop from top to bottom. We all know that fashion is mercurial and likely to change without warning. But here the style is classic and casual - this fashion enduring and never losing its stylishness.

For those new to Leura, the Shirt Lady has built a sterling reputation around her shirts - long sleeved, short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve. If you can't find your shirt here, in all probability you won't find it anywhere.

Leura Vintage

Address:Shop 9, Strand Arcade, 178 The Mall
Phone: 02 4784 3333
Hours: Open 7 days 10am-5pm

Amidst a group of small shops facing the carpark, Leura Vintage occupies two - one for men, the second for women. Each is filled with cherished true-vintage items and many items of vintage-style. Think '50's colours and pizzazz - a touch of mink, a flounce of tulle, or a drape of satin - a Bogart hat or vest; or perhaps Bacall-tailored trousers. Time stands still!